Beyond Ecommerce: How shoppable video is transforming the travel industry

2023 was filled with travel enthusiasm, as Americans kept their desire to travel alive despite ups and downs in the economy. Looking ahead to 2024, it seems like the travel scene is set to reach new heights. But here’s the big question – how can destinations continue to stand out and highlight the awesome and unique experiences they provide? Shoppable videos are revolutionizing the way destination marketers engage with their consumers, offering a more interactive, immersive and overall more valuable experience for everyone. 

Shoppable video Ads – More Than an Ecommerce Tool

Traditionally seen as a tool for ecommerce, shoppable videos have many other applications, and the travel industry is starting to take note and adopting this innovative approach.  Tourism brands dedicate significant time and resources to crafting videos and inspiring content. The question is, how can they leverage their most powerful form of storytelling for conversion?  How can they increase engagement and help create a direct path to their partner pages. Shoppable videos are interactive, engaging, and streamline the exploration experience, allowing viewers to instantly engage with the various locations, attractions and activities of interest directly from a multimedia narrative.

Destination Marketing Interactive Video

4 Ways Shoppable Videos Benefit Travel Brands

Educating the Modern Explorer

Imagine an immersive video tour through beautiful streets, past ancient landmarks, and into the throbbing heart of local culture, all brought to life on screen. Now, picture your audience’s capability to immediately learn about highlighted restaurants, attractions, and experiences through clickable content within that same video – educating them seamlessly about what your destination has to offer.

Skyrocketing Engagement Rates

In a world where consumer preference tilts heavily towards visual over textual information, video content rules supreme. Tapping into this trend, shoppable video adds an extra layer of interactivity, which not only retains viewer attention but also encourages active participation and retention..

Simplifying the Journey to Action

The journey from getting inspired to taking action is usually full of distractions and extra steps, which can lead to frustration and abandonment. Shoppable video bridges this gap, offering viewers a bridge to the information they want and even a means to book or purchase directly from the video, thereby bolstering impressive conversion rates.

Mining Data for Tailored Experiences

Each interaction with a shoppable video is a new and unique data point, a glimpse into the viewer’s preferences, dreams, and inclinations. For destinations, these insights are valuable, enabling you to sculpt messaging and content that resonate deeply with your target audience’s desires.

In Conclusion

The narrative of travel is evolving, and shoppable video content stands at the forefront of this revolution, proving its worth beyond mere ecommerce. For travel brands and tourism companies aiming to make the most of this year’s travel surge, using shoppable videos isn’t just a choice; it’s a way to boost brand visibility, make customers happy, and lead the market.

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