Interactive video.
Finally a Reality.

How It Works

With Clicktivated, viewers engage with items of interest as they watch a video – redefining the shopping experience.

Our patented technology identifies individual shoppable items – turning desire into purchase. With our automated, in-motion item recognition, we can automatically recognize and follow products in video, making monetization easy for content creators. This patented, game-changing technology creates a seamless, non-intrusive
e-commerce pathway while keeping the integrity of the brand and content intact.


Speed &
Next-Gen Technology

Our platform makes an unlimited number of products in a video shoppable, in less than 24 hours.


We create intuitive, clickable and user friendly video experiences.

Customized &

Each view is a completely personalized shopping experience based on the individual needs/wants/likes of each viewer.

Game Changing

Our benchmark expectation for user engagement is 30% interaction rate and 10% CTR. Our results exceed it.


Viewers see that a video or live stream is shoppable via prompt in the upper left of the video screen.


Viewers engage by self-selecting specific products or services of interest, at any time, while they watch. Information about selected items appears cleanly along the right side of the video.


Viewers now have the ability to engage directly through video. The "get it now" feature provides a seamless path-to-purchase directly from the brand's product page.

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