Shoppable Videos: What are they and what can they do for your business?

With ever-changing consumer behaviors and continued growth of video across screens, the popularity of shoppable video is skyrocketing. Shoppable video’s empower brands to elevate their consumer experience by removing friction, so that product exploration/awareness and conversion are seamless. Ready to get started? Here’s a quick primer to help you do just that.

What are shoppable videos?

The term “shoppable video” has gained popularity in recent years, yet not all shoppable videos are created equal. They range from a simple link below a video to an immersive experience where viewers can interact and make purchases seamlessly. Clicktivated specializes in the fully immersive experience when it comes to shoppable video.  Imagine being able to offer your audience the ability to select any item of interest while they watch and give them the ability to make a purchase instantly, all while protecting the integrity of your creative and more importantly, brand! This is the essence of shoppable ads: they are smooth, user-friendly, and prompt action from inspiration.

Interactive Video- See it. Click it. Shop

Born from Buying Behavior

Shoppable videos go beyond traditional advertising techniques by enabling consumers to make purchases within their current video environment.  This not only caters to the modern shopper’s desire for instant access and convenience but also helps brands capture those spur-of-the-moment decisions.


What can shoppable videos do for your business?


  • Shortened sales funnel for instant information and swift shopping: With shoppable videos, the customer’s path from discovery to checkout is drastically reduced. The immediacy of this format can lead to higher conversion rates as potential barriers (search, remembering products etc.) that typically lead to deliberate or unintentional abandonment are eliminated. Fewer clicks mean faster sales, and faster sales mean happier customers.
  • Building brand loyalty: Meaningful engagement comes from authentic content that resonates with its audience. Shoppable videos create a more native experience, and that ease of use drives a positive brand association that fosters community, driving both loyalty and advocacy.
  • Interactive data insights: Shoppable videos offer enhanced tracking and analysis capabilities, allowing brands to measure key performance indicators like ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) with increased accuracy. Understanding customer interaction becomes tangible, and each touchpoint along the consumer’s path to purchase is clear.
  • Capturing the attention of new audiences: Younger audiences, in particular, who favor online shopping and digital consumption, can be effectively engaged through this interactive medium. In fact, around nine-in-ten Americans ages 18 to 49 (91%) say they buy things online using a smartphone.


Get started with shoppable videos

Make your videos do more than just tell a story—make them a portal to purchase. Clicktivated makes it easy to turn any new or existing video into an interactive experience. Viewers are empowered to instantly engage with any object, experience, or location to learn more or make a purchase. 

Shoppable video isn’t just for ecommerce anymore! With customers ranging from retail to tourism, Clicktivated gives every business the tools to transform video from a passive consumer experience to a revenue generating asset. Getting started is simple–  just send us your videos and a list of the “items” that you would like to activate, and we will turn it into an interactive video within ~24 hours.

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