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How Clicktivated Works

Allow the viewer to select the items, people and products they are interested in with a click inside of the video to view more information, make a purchase or further engage.

Clicktivated provides what viewers are looking for, when they are looking for it. It instantly creates a more dynamic, engaging and interactive experience creating the option to connect with resources while still watching the video in the least intrusive manner possible.

Clean, pure, and simple. Why we are different...

We believe nothing should disrupt the original content and viewing experience. Clicktivated enhances the viewing experience for your consumer by NOT using:

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Supported Players

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Behind the Scenes

Delivered Buying Power

Clicktivated videos enable consumers to go right to the source. One click provides buying power or information gathering at the tips of their fingers.

In-Depth Analytics

All Clicktivated videos come with a detailed and customizable analytics report. Including:

  • Items Clicked
  • Click throughs
  • Real time map of what items are clicked that aren’t tagged.
  • Time on video
  • Conversion
  • And many more

Instant Purchase

Encouraging consumers to interact within videos triggers the immediate want for information and impulse buying.

The Characters

Chris Roebuck

CEO + Co-Founder

Joe Roebuck

Chairman + Co-Founder

Ben Hatala

Director of Operations

Lauren Zeien

Director of Marketing

Ryan M. Beshel

Director of Fashion

Steve DeAngelis


James Holmes III



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